Program options at KidSPOT include a wide range of services designed to accommodate typically developing children and those with developmental delays and/or disabilities

KidSPOT is licensed as an Early Intervention Day Treatment Program. Our EIDT program is designed to focus on children with developmental delays, diagnosis, and/or medical conditions. Our EIDT program offers children access to individual day treatment programs provided in an early learning environment. Program benefits include individualized treatment planning by a team of professionals determined to help children reach their full potential. If you suspect your child's has a delay and would benefit from this program, contact us today.  

Education Program Options:

Pediatric Therapy Program Options:

Outpatient Pediatric Physical Assessment and Therapy

Outpatient Pediatric Occupational Assessment and Therapy

Outpatient Pediatric Speech Language Assessment and Therapy

Outpatient Pediatric Feeding Assessment and Therapy

Outpatient Early Intervention Evaluation and Therapy

Outpatient therapy is offered in our outpatient clinic located in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Our outpatient facility features a multi-sensory environment that that it is accessible to all functioning levels, provides the opportunity for choice by the user, is meaningful, demand free and empowers the individual to overcome sensory deficits and allows them to take control to discover and explore the world around them. Our sensory room is equipped with therapeutic bubble tubes, fiber optics, sensory tools and lighted therapeutic ball pit. 

Our outpatient gross motor gym includes 1000 square feet of space equipped with multiple therapeutic swings, trampolines, ball pits, balance beams, and activity towers. 

​​Private Tuition 

Arkansas Childcare Vouchers

ABCSS Preschool Grant

EIDT Early Intervention Day Treatment

HIPPY Home Based Instruction

Kidspot education program is an inclusive learning environment. Designed for children, our learning spaces are equipped to support early learning opportunities through individual and group based activities. Our center based classroom concepts encourage structured individual and peer based interactions.  

Early Intervention Day Treatment