Does KidSPOT provide pediatric therapy services in the home? Our team of therapist provide services in a wide range of environments including school districts, homes, preschools, St. Bernards Wellness center (aquatic therapy), KidSPOT education center, and at our outpatient facilities located in Jonesboro and Walnut Ridge. 

My child doesn't seem to be developing the same as other kids their age, what should I do? If you have questions about your child's development, please consult their pediatrician or contact our office for a free consultation. 

I want my child to receive pediatric therapy services but I do not want to enroll them in the childcare, can they still receive services? Yes. KidSPOT will provide services in our outpatient facilities. 

My child's pediatrician referred them to KidSPOT and nobody has contacted me, what should I do? Please contact our intake coordinator, Mary Housewright, at 870-974-9114. 

Does KidSPOT provide transportation?  Yes. Currently, KidSPOT utilizes NET transportation. Please contact our office for additional information regarding transportation guidelines. 

What are the hours of operation? All KidSPOT locations are open Monday-Friday from 7:30 a.m-5:30 p.m. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my child have to receive therapy services to attend KidSPOT ?  KidSPOT is an integrated childcare facility which means that children of all abilities are welcome. 

Can my child attend KidSPOT and receive therapy services at another facility? Children enrolled in our ABCSS, voucher, and/or private pay programs may receive therapy services from other providers. For the safety of our children, KidSPOT does limit the number of outside providers on the premises. 

Why does KidSPOT conduct developmental screenings on all the kids enrolled in the facility? KidSPOT is required through our Arkansas Better Chance grant agreement to conduct annual developmental screenings and follow-up. Failed screenings are referred to the local education cooperative per state guidelines. No worries though, KidSPOT will contact parents directly if we have any questions or concerns.

Are snacks, breakfast, and lunch provided at KidSPOT? KidSPOT participates in the Arkansas Special Nutrition Program. All children enrolled at Kidspot are required to complete SNP required paperwork annually and upon enrollment. All meals and snacks provided are never charged to parents.