Every child is unique. It is normal for young children to develop skills at different rates. Listed below is a checklist designed for you to determine your child’s growth and development.

Transition Services:

When the treatment team determines that a child no longer needs the services provided in the day treatment program and can be effectively treated in a less restrictive environment, a discharge plan will be design to make a smooth transition into the child’s next level of care. Most children transition to area providers or to our ABCSS or private tuition programs. 


The Arkansas EIDT program is funded through program eligibility as outlined in the Arkansas Medicaid Manual. Services provided through the EIDT program are billed to the Arkansas Medicaid Program and include habilitation day treatment services, pediatric speech language, occupational, and physical therapy services, and nursing services. Enrollment in the EIDT program requires a physician's referral. 


Enrollment in either of our day treatment programs is preceded by an intake evaluation, which is conducted by a fully qualified health professional. Information from the evaluation is used to assess the child’s developmental and emotional condition and the diagnosis will determine if our program would appropriately fit the needs of the child.


To receive EIDT day habilitation services, a child must have a documented developmental disability or delay, as shown on the results of an annual comprehensive developmental evaluation and demonstrate a documented need for at least one of the following services:

  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Nursing services, or
  • Documented Diagnosis including:
    • Intellectual Disability
    • Spina bifida
    • Cerebral palsy
    • Autism spectrum disorder
    • Epilepsy/seizure disorder
    • Down syndrome

On-site Pediatric Therapy:

In our EIDT program, each child’s treatment team will include various healthcare professionals and a number of therapists to help each child reach their developmental goals for treatment. Our developmental health day treatment program includes a variety of techniques employed by therapists, early childhood specialists, and medical health professionals as needed. Other methods may include psychological testing, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy; all of which are provided by childhood developmental professionals and paraprofessionals.

​​Developmental Screenings:

Prior to enrollment in the EIDT program, all potential patients are required to complete an external developmental screen conducted by Optum, an outside provider who is contracted by the state. Screenings are scheduled by our clinic and occur onsite biweekly.

​​What is EIDT?

Our Early Intervention Day Treatment (EIDT) program is designed for children who are struggling to meet developmental milestones. Children enrolled in the EIDT program attend our program daily where individualize skills are addressed in a enriched classroom setting.