What is Arkansas Better Chance for School Success?

Arkansas Better Chance (ABC) programs are high quality programs that serve children, ages birth to five, with a variety of risk factors. However, the majority of availability is for three and four year old children. Providers are selected for their ability to offer a high-quality program. These abilities are assessed annually by early education professionals who evaluate the applications, and a complete program review is done at least once every three years.


Does Your Child Qualify for ABCSS?

Any 3 or 4 year-old child whose family income is 200% of Federal Poverty Level or less is eligible to attend and ABCSS program free of charge. Programs funded with original ABC money may still continue to serve children birth to 5 with other risk factors. 

Eligibility criteria for enrollment in the ABCSS program at KidSPOT includes:

  • Child who is three years of age by August 1st of the enrollment year
  • Family income < 200% 

An age-eligible child who falls into one of the following categories are exempt from family income requirements:

  • Foster child
  • Child with an incarcerated parent
  • Child in the custody of/living with a family member other than mother or father
  • Child with immediate family member arrested for or convicted of drug-related offenses
  • Child with a parent activated for overseas military duty

Families wishing to enroll children in our ABCSS program will be required to complete the following documents. Documents can be printed at home, completed, and returned or blank applications can be obtained from our administration offices located at 1801 Grant Avenue in Jonesboro. 

High Quality Pre-K

KidSPOT ABCSS operates as a grant program in partners with the Department of Education. The Arkansas Department of Human Services along with the Department of Education have identified six-key areas that all ABCSS programs, including KidSPOT, must adhere to in order to fulfill our commitment of high qualityPre-K:

  • Low child to teacher ratio

  • Developmental screenings, assessments, and referrals

  • Well qualified Staff

  • Proven Curricula and learning processes

  • Professional Development
  • Parent and Community engagement 

What Paperwork Is Required for ABCSS  Program Enrollment?

Copy of Birth Certificate